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French Drains to keep the water away.

The Blue Alder – Landscape & Design provides expert French drain installation services to help prevent water damage and flooding issues for residential and commercial properties in Maple Valley. Their experienced team understands the importance of proper drainage systems, especially in the rainy Pacific Northwest climate. They carefully assess each site and design French drain customized to the specific terrain and drainage needs. Using high-quality materials and proven techniques, The Blue Alder installs French drains that effectively redirect excess surface and subsurface water away from foundations, landscaping, and other areas susceptible to saturation. Their French drain solutions not only protect your property from costly water intrusion but can also help alleviate soil erosion and create drier, more usable outdoor spaces. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship, they ensure a lasting drainage solution for homeowners and businesses in Maple Valley.

A French drain is a type of drainage system that is designed to remove excess water from an area of a property. It typically consists of a trench filled with gravel or rock that has a perforated pipe laid along the bottom. The gravel allows water to filter down into the pipe, which then carries the water away from the area to a suitable discharge location.

Some key points about French drains:

They are used to prevent water accumulation and potential flooding around foundations, patios, driveways, retaining walls, or other low-lying areas.
The trench is dug with a slope or gradient to allow gravity to pull the water away from the problem area.

The perforated pipe at the bottom allows water to enter the drain, while the gravel creates a reservoir to hold excess water until it can drain.

French drains can discharge the collected water to a storm drain, dry well, drainage ditch, or other appropriate drainage area.

They are often used in combination with other drainage systems like sump pumps or surface drains.

Proper installation considering soil type, slope, and drainage paths is important for effective functioning.

So in essence, a French drain provides a subsurface channel to intercept and redirect excess surface and groundwater away from buildings, landscaping, or any area prone to water accumulation.

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French Drain Installation for Basement Waterproofing
Yard Drainage Solutions with French Drain Systems
Foundation Drainage Protection Using French Drains
Driveway & Patio French Drain Installations
Prevent Flooding & Water Damage with French Drains
Landscape French Drains for Proper Soil Drainage
Subsurface French Drain Systems for Poor Drainage Areas
Gravel French Drains for Effective Water Redirection
Exterior French Drains to Divert Surface Water Runoff
Residential & Commercial French Drain Services

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What People Are Saying

Andy took great care
Andy took great care to solve my drainage and excavation needs in a very cost effective way. The work was done over 7 months ago and has held up perfectly
Luke Gunter
Maple Valley, WA
We will definitely be working with them again on future projects
We worked with Andy Duckworth and Blue Alder Excavation Services to help us clean up fallen trees from a windstorm. He also helped us clean up our logging roads, removed stumps, graded, and spread gravel. He was super easy to work with. Very polite professional, and yet very personal. We will definitely be working with them again on future projects. Looking forward to visiting their farm this spring.
Steve Murray
Real Life Church Covington
Andy is very responsive, reliable and great to work with
Andy is very responsive, reliable and great to work with. I never knew my yard could look this good and I never knew the potential my yard had until talking with him. I highly recommend Andy and his team at Blue Alder!
Scott Mulhern
Maple Valley, WA
Shoutout The Blue Alder
Shoutout The Blue Alder for the awesome work on our front yard. They were a spur of the moment choice after seeing their sign in a neighbors front yard. Andy and his team completed a front yard remodel to really improve our curb appeal. Stump grind, plant removal, leveling, brick work, drainage, and hydro seeding. Two weeks in and the front yard is looking amazing with grass coming in fast!! The best part of hiring The Blue Alder was the communication which is very important when working on a project like this, nothing was missed. 10/10 would recommend.
Chris R.
Maple Valley, WA
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